Caniço Advogados

Practice Areas

Criminal Law and Administrative Offenses

We have experience and act with respect and discretion in all criminal and administrative proceedings, whether preventively or in the judicial phase, and representing both natural and legal persons.

  • We have experience and act in all criminal and administrative proceedings, in the economic, environmental, sports and road/road areas, whether representing companies or individuals;
  • We filed a defense against road traffic offenses with ANSR;
  • We understand that the Defense of Human Rights applies to all individuals. We are professionals, so we do not make moral judgments;
  • We use discretion in reserving the customer's identity and assess their reputational damage;
  • We act technically so that the client understands the consequences of the process;
  • We defend collaborative and multidisciplinary solutions for each case, if necessary;
  • We have experience in defending the accused and victims;
  • We do judicial rehabilitation, which means that we know how to recover your criminal record certificate;
  • We accompany the client at any stage of the criminal proceedings: investigation, instruction, judgment and execution of the penalty;
  • We stand by our clients in judicial interrogations and interrogations before the Public Ministry and criminal police bodies;
  • We prepare criminal complaints, in your constitution as an assistant, deduction of private accusation and civil indemnity claims;
  • We appeal against all court decisions that we believe to be unfair.
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